Translation Services

This style is used to convert written text into the target language.  Unlike online translating services, we can assure you that our qualified Translators will provide technically correct and culturally appropriate documents.  We recognize the importance of confidentiality and responsibility towards our clients. 

Consecutive Interpretation:  

In this style, the source speaker will speak first, then pause while the interpreter conveys the message to the target speaker requiring the interpreter to take notes to capture the message.  This type of interpretation is common in small-group situations where both speakers are interacting together.

Consecutive vs Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation:

In this style, the linguist interprets while the speaker is talking, which defers from consecutive interpretation because there are no long pauses in the flow of conversation.  This mode of interpretation is usually faster than consecutive.  Often times, a simultaneous Interpreter will interpret while listeners are wearing headphones.